The world we build tomorrow is based on the stories we tell today, and the lives we lived yesterday will become the stories of tomorrow

We all have stories we are living and telling

The Story of the month…

Slate of the art

James and Caro have just come back from their journey in the Quarryman in LLanberis,one of the most famous routes of the UK. The Quarryman was about climbing as always, but so different from anything else…


Our other adventures

Back To Reunion

The 3rd pitch of our route Zembrocal was quite an adventure. Its one of the strangest, most exhausting pitches I have climbed, especially when you consider it is a chimney for 50% of the time [...]

Asian Monkeys

Being half Vietnamese, South East Asia has an important place in Caroline’s heart. Being English, South East Asian food has an important place in my heart! Our trip to discover some of SEA’s [...]

Sardinia Sun

Our 2012 project in Sardinia began with little expectations, but grew into one of our most educational and inspirational experiences, and is a time Caroline and I will never forget. Amongst [...]

Moroccan Madness

The story of how we ended up one New Years Eve in a tiny town in Central Morocco is much less interesting than the story of what actually happened there! Drunken Berbers, endless desert raves, [...]

Pembroke, Chupacabra

Growing up as a trad climber I wouldn’t say I had a standard introduction to Trad. I didn’t grow up reading “on the edge”, I never saw “hard grit” (despite all my recent efforts), and my harness [...]

Bafa Bouldering

Click on the image to access video,location, and more infos… Driving into Bafa Golu has to be one of the most impressive sights I have seen – giant granite boulders stretch as far as the [...]

Daylan. Climbing, amongst other wonders

Once upon a time, there was a city with a harbor on the Aegean sea. It was one of this mythical eastern Greece cities, not quite the famous « troya », just a smaller, less tragic one : Caunos. [...]

Japan time

Before heading to our big adventure in Philippines, we got invited to Japan by Yuji and North Face Asia to a Japaniees trip…Who would say no to such an invitation.It was for a bouldering [...]

Cantabaco – Philippines

The 4×4 is rushing along a misty ridge. Both sides seem to be dropping nearly vertically into tropical forest, and each side of the road, little bamboo houses fight the gravity. We have [...]

A rock safari in South-Africa

First sunset in Cederberg… That is where we’ll search for the perfect rock… Rocks, bush, dirt roads, and sometimes, a home lost in the middle of nowhere. Life must be different [...]

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