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Towers of Tigray

Watch the full movie here


Watch the full movie here

Beyond the mostest

Watch the movie here…

The land of Maybe

Watch the movie here…

Shifting dreams


A 30 minute movie by Dark sky media about the Voie Petit, and an adventure that has been made possible thanks to our sponsors: The North Face, La Sportiva and Wild Country.

Watch the movie here…

Le Bronx

Our latest video with La Sportiva comes directly out of the warped minds of James and Pietro Porro.  We’ve worked with Pietro several times over the last few years, on films like Hyknusa, Zembrocal, and the recent shorts from South Africa.

Le Bronx tells the story of James’ journey to become French thorough his struggle to climb one of the most iconic French Sport routes of the 1990’s, Le Bronx at Orgon Canal.  Its a strange, bizarre, undoubtably english film, that touches on subjects that will have been important to all of us, at one tim or another.

Not sure what I am talking about?  Click below to find out…

Watch the movie here…

Some of our other projects


Turkey and Trimmings

Turkey and Trimmings was one of our most exciting and spontaneous projects so far.  The idea was simple, find a country we both love but know little about, take the van, and drive…  Sometimes life doesn’t need to be complex!

The Ennedi

Back to Reunion


Muy Caliente

The Odyssey

Joy Division

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