By Caro


That’s it, that trip is over. What we have left now, are the memories…


3 campervans




A lot of limestone

Normally, you finish a trip and you are quite happy to go home. It is great to spend time with friends, but normally, after three weeks, you want a bit of fresh air again…

I drove Yuji to the airport on this last day of September, and I was very sad that he was aleady leaving. That is how good this three weeks have been.

Coeur de Loup, Orgon.... a 7B+ that I have still never succeded!!! 🙂

I won’t tell you the movements of every route that we have done in 3 weeks, but I can still brag that I was in a very good shape, which allowed me to climb an 8a+ onsight, an 8b+, and an 8b+/c on my first redpoint try!

It doesn’t happen to me all the time, and I don’t really control my shape during the year, because we travel so much.
And tics always give a pinker shade to your days…

But I am 30 now, and tics, and enjoyable as they may be, aren’t enough anymore to make a good trip.
What I need, is to discover great places, and meet some people.


So what I will remember of that trip, is:

  • Spending some more time with Yuji. James and I know him very well now, but every time, I observe Yuji, and his way of life teaches me something new. This time, it was managing your emotions. Yuji can always take a step back, and never lose his temper.
  • Getting to see my friend Carole from Reunion Island, and meeting her boyfriend Antonin Rhodes, who equips a lot. He is largely responsible for La Ramirole, La Carrière des Valettes…
  • Discovering La Ramirole and La Carrière des Valettes. This last one is an ancient Roman quary, 2000 years old, and as it was obviousely hand chipped, you can find holds in the irregularities.

You can follow our trip here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… #WineDineClimb

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