The Voie Petit is a route in French Alps, bolted by Arnaud Petit et Stéphanie Bodet en 1997. The first ascent was signed by Alex Huber in 2005. Since it was repeated by David Lama, Arnaud, recently… Edu Marin… But the route is still waiting for its first female ascent.

Setting my goal


I have had that project in a corner of my head for a while now. How did that happen?

I have known about the Voie Petit for a while now. James has talked about it several times, never that seriously. It is, for some reason, quite a famous route to try in England. I never really listened. Mountaineering, that is not for me.

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Training plan


Cardio training, physical training, specific training… There will be much to prepare, as I come from very far.

Which is why my training plan has already started, 6 months in advance!

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Training journal


My emotions, efforts, mini successes
on the training, whether it is running, climbing…

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