The sound of the month:

For once, James and I have played the “podcast” game with Tom Randall and Lattice!

All the things you didn’t know about James!

Tom Randall and Lattice don’t need presenting. Although we have recently had the chance to get to meet some of the hidden partners: Ollie, Kim and surely others who make the magic happen!
When those decide to put their hand on a new idea, they make it work. So the Lattice Youtube channel is of high quality, and Tom is pretty good at bringing back James into the heart of the stories whenever it’s needed 🙂

The story of the month:

Towers of Tigray

James, Baby Arthur and I embarked on our biggest adventure at 3… in Ethiopia, climbing desert towers.
Will Lascelles, the movie maker, worked magically to show not just the climbing, but most of all, the place, the people…

full movie here

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