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Aligning our sponsors was one of the first steps we made, which allowed us to work efficiently together and minimize the time wasted by doing things twice.  Streamlining was next, which involved developing and improving our understanding of each sponsor, and getting “rid of” the sponsors that didn’t really work.  All of this work has allowed us to reach a place where we can appreciate, and be appreciated by the brands we choose to work with, which is ultimately what it’s all about.

Now, in 2014, we feel confident enough with our existing arrangements that we can begin and develop something new.  Altissimo is the largest climbing gym organization in France, and as far as I know, the whole of Europe!  They currently run 11 different gyms around the country, including Altissimo Grabels which has been our local training centre for the last 4 years, and they are planning to open more and more and more…

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 James and I have realised over the years that we really want to share our climbing and travelling stories, in hope of inspiring people to climb more, explore the world in search of new crags…

For this 3rd year with Altissimo, we have prepared you a traveling exposition, a collection of our best pictures, and will be showing it in all gyms throughout the year. We’ll be as well doing a masterclass in Nantes and in Lille!

so, see you soon!

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