The Philippines DWS exploration

In February we went to Philippines with Pablo Scorza, the dream Osteopath, Miel Pahati, most driven/funny/awsome Philipino climber we had ever met (and the only philipino guy we had met, in fact), and Francisco Taranto, Bresilan Photographer, who made the Turkey and Trimmings with us. We were hoping to find a new DWS place…  And we found it!!!

banner portraits


map sample2

It won’t be perfectly accurate, but we made a map for the routes we found in El Nido…
Just click on the dots to see each route and have a few infos!

And to relive the adventure, here are the articles we wrote during our time there:

The Philippines – First climbs

We just came back from 3 days kayaking and camping, climbing the cliffs that inspire us on the different islands of El Nido. It’s 11am, we are back, destroyed. We woke up at 5 am this morning on [...]

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