Why “Once Upon A Climb“?

The thing is, as we travel together, make projects together, climb together, James’ stories have become my stories. And my stories talk about James. This place, and the Idea of « Once Upon A Climb », is to tell our stories, our adventures, though images, texts, and videos. Because both of us are pro climbers, and the way we both see our role is not only to achieve « hard » stuffs, but as well, to be able to tell about them, and to inspire you guys, to climb more, to climb different, to enjoy !!! This is how James and I both see our climbing. For sure James is a Trad master while I am a « comp » machine, at least, that is on paper. In reality, we have both gone a long way since our origins, and it is this happy fairy tail travel, we hope, that is what is worth telling.

The Team

  • Caroline Ciavaldini
    Caroline Ciavaldini

    Caroline grew on the tiny island of La Reunion, a dot on the map in the South Indian Ocean. Caro discovered climbing aged 12, at school, and quickly became obsessed by the competition world.  For 10 years she focused on the Lead World Cup Circuit, training hard, traveling the world, but climbing mostly indoor. After realising her dreams of competition, she has redirected her motivation towards outdoor climbing, and now loves to give herself challenges in Trad, Sport, Multi-pitch.

    Outdoor climbing is , as she often says, her “second life “as a climber.

  • James Pearson
    James Pearson

    Having grown up in the Peak District, it is no surprise that James made a name for himself on “Gods own rock”.  Aged 15 he donned his first pair of rock shoes and quickly started climbing some of Gritstones hardest and boldest routes, with unswerving enthusiasm and an innate ability of moving on rock.

    Having succeeded some of the worlds hardest traditional routes, James shifted his focus to include bouldering, sport, and multi-pitch, he currently lives in the South of France, and continues his quest to climb hard rock, all over the world!

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