In two days, James and I will collect Yuji Hirayama at the airport, and hop on a 3 week road trip around south of France. Eddie Gianelloni and Francisco Taranto Jr. will join us to document the trip.







Why the South of France?

Why a trip so close to home, while we could fly to Greenland, Us, …. ? Several reasons. A million in fact.

First of all…

I have realized that after 5 years next to me, James still hasn’t been to the Verdon ! Which… forces me to admit that… I haven’t been back there since I was a 7a climber!



Yuji has been telling us for a few years now that he would love to seen France again. France where he arrived when he was 18, speaking zero French, and went from “climber lambda” to the legendary « Yuji »!  Let’s admit it, Yuji wants to climb, discover new crags that didn’t exist at the time, like Saint Léger du Ventoux, but he wants, most of all, to eat cheese and wine!



After “wasting” a lot of gas, oil, electricity… on trips to the other side of the world, James and I thought it would be great to cut the travel distances a bit, and see what’s in our garden.

So here we go…

Let’s pack the van for a road trip at home! Epic TV thought the idea was so great that it deserved a 4 episode series, where I plan to make you discover that… France is amazing!!!


James is ready for the road-trip!!

You can follow our trip here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… #WineDineClimb

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