Rocklands Trad Topo

In June/July 2014, we paid a visit to Rocklands South Africa, in search of Trad. What we found surpassed our wildest dreams – a seemingly endless potential for new routes, on bullet hard, top quality rock. We put up several new lines during our 3 week trip, roughly between E1 and E8, but these developments are just the beginning…

You can scroll through the topo below, or better yet, click on it to view full screen.  To download the topo, just click on the “share” icon, and click “download”.  You’ll have to be signed in to Issuu, but you can do that directly with your FB or G+ accounts.

Chris Kelk who manages the campsite down at the De Pakhuys Farm is doing a good job of keeping a list of the Trad Developments, so if you need any information, or put up any routes yourself, pop by and say hello.

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